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1. Initial Screening & Vetting:

VeriLeaf is a “RegTech” (Regulatory Technology) platform designed to accelerate community financial institution’s review of compliance-driven segments by automating the onboarding, validation and monitoring processes needed for enhanced due diligence for high risk customers, including hemp and CBD related businesses.

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2. Bank Provisioning & Compliance

West Town Bank offers a wide range of traditional banking services but selectively specializes in government guaranteed lending nationally and complimented with tailored deposit products for specific lines of business and targeted deposit products for industries such as hemp and CBD. The Bank has built a hemp program uniquely tailored to the challenges of hemp-related businesses and trademarked “Hemp Banks Here”.

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3. Payment Processing & Proprietary Risk Management

As a direct acquirer with Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express, and through its joint venture with West Town Bank, West Town Payments enables merchants to create commerce from compliance for both business-to-consumer and business-to-business transactions while providing real-time settlement and reporting.

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4. On-Going Monitoring & Compliance

Automate on-going compliance monitoring of payments for merchants in multiple states, as regulations may vary from state-to-state depending on the industry, (such as hemp and CBD) with check points and reviews offered through VeriLeaf.