Author: Adam Sheaffer

How International Hemp Achieved Business Growth Through Being Able to Accept Credit Cards

International Hemp, a Denver based hemp seed distributor, supplies farms across America with hemp seeds from varieties tailored specifically for hemp fiber and grain production which are all certified by the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies (AOSCA). They distribute these specialized seeds to farmers all over the country who plant these varieties with the […]

Payment Trends in the Parking Industry in A Post-Pandemic World

The way people pay for parking has been constantly evolving throughout the years. With the introduction of smartphones and the proliferation of mobile apps, payment methods have continued to evolve in an effort to create seamless payment experiences for consumers. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken these shifts and trends and accelerated their adoption and usage […]

How To Grow Your Hemp Business Through A Full-Service Banking Relationship

After years of unrealized expectations, it finally looks as though the hemp industry is on an unstoppable train moving full steam ahead.  Entrepreneurs who are keeping up with the latest industry news and eye-popping market trends are certainly well-aware of the potential upside with these ventures.  That said, if these aspiring entrepreneurs do not fully […]